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Hi and welcome to my online magazine - Travel 4 HomeDesign. If you are as passionate as I am, or just curious, about how we humans plan, build and live in houses, then you will enjoy the examples I bring to you from all over the world. When I have traveled to different countries or even looked at houses from countries on T.V. I always wondered what those houses were like inside. How were the floor plans laid out? How did people live? What I discovered is there is a wide variety of home styles. There is no "typical" house. What works for a home in England or Spain is not what a homeowner in Japan is expecting to live in. Different cultures, geography, climate, and even religion, have a bearing on how the plan is designed and the construction materials chosen. That being said, there are great examples of home design and fabulous interiors contained in the posts that follow. Look through the ones you like and let me know what you think. I would appreciate any comments you may have.


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