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Mykonos and Paros. Two Greek Islands With Stunning Homes and Property.

Updated: May 31, 2019

I have never been to Greece or any of its islands. The closest I came was 12 years ago when i was on a boat cruise that took me from Italy to Izmir,Turkey and we sailed right past them. If I had known about the beauty that awaited with the quaint towns, fabulous homes and spectacular property, I may have jumped overboard to visit. This post showcases two houses on two different islands that exemplify the lifestyle that can be found there. I know that I want to go and experience what they have to offer. mykonosEnjoy!

Vacation villas seem to be the rage on the island of Mykonos. This one is especially gorgeous with lots of room and a pool that seems to never end, I just received an add for this unit and the price is 12,600 Euro per week! Not bad if you can get it.

This is the harbour for the Old Port of Chora. Small cubic houses were built one over the other and the streets were very narrow, allowing only two people to pass. This way in the past, the houses were more protected against pirate attacks and the inhabitants could defend their families and fortunes more effectively. Now, there is a new harbour (Tourlos) where the cruise ships come in to dock, a short distance away.

An easy way to discover the charm and history of Mykonos's white-washed churches, windmills, and narrow winding streets is to take a walking tour of old town. Learn about famous local figures, stroll through the island's 'Little Venice, and nibble tasty treats from a popular bakery. Venture off the beaten path as your guide shares local lore, and dig into the town's ancient and cultural roots with a visit to the Archaeological and Folklore Museums.

Much of Mykonos is still the small, cubic shaped buildings found in both Chora and the rural areas of the island. The houses are right next to each other with their wooden balconies literally hanging over the street.

Little Venice is maybe the most picturesque neighborhood in Mykonos and the perfect spot to watch an idyllic sunset. Most of its houses have been transformed to famous bars and restaurants and became a meeting point for international celebrities.

Villas with extraordinary architecture mix traditional style with modern features

A new example of the successful combination of old and modern home styles are Mykonos luxury villas. Luxury accommodation has to respect the island’s architecture as well as the natural landscapes. But they also have to offer a lot of amenities, space and privacy to their guests. The outcome is a fascinating mixture of tradition, elegance and modern living.

It is a challenging task to build a Mykonos luxury villa. Design and creativity are limited by the local site factors and building bylaws but also by the requirement for luxury amenities and sea views. You can find villas with a classic style, a Mykonian style or a boho chic style, but they have one thing in common. They all blend traditional and modern elements together with great success. The view from this pool is spectacular!

This is not a fabulous kitchen, but who is going to spend a huge amount of time cooking in here. There has to be a BBQ somewhere?

A contemporary and comfortably furnished living area with French doors opening out to the patio.

The dining area has room for lots of guests, but again my question: "Who is going to eat indoors?"

This bedroom has two sets of French doors out to two different patios. Think about drinking a coffee first thing in the morning, out on the patio, looking toward the infinite view. I would be up for that.

The Island of Paros.

Photos: Nicolareizi Loanna

Take a Tour in This Traditional-Modern Greek Summer House in Paros, Greece

Mykonos has introduced the unique Cycladic architecture to the world and made it famous. Over time, and in response to design considerations, luxury accommodations were built that had to respect the island’s architecture as well as the natural landscapes. But they also had to offer a lot of amenities, space and privacy to their guests.This is an excellent example of that trend.

The advert for this luxury villa promotes the premise that the architecture and the interior design was inspired by Greek Mythology - it claims goddesses have stepped in and blessed the space. Greece is really special when it comes to spending the summer basking in the warmth of the sun and cool of the water.

A very interesting aspect of the swimming pool is that it butts right up to the exterior of the villa where the wall is glazed and this allows swimmers outside to look in and those inside to look out into the pool. I have never seen this feature in a residence before.

A benefit to this feature is that if guests include young children, keeping an eye one them is easy from inside the villa.

This image shows the view from inside the villa out to the pool.

Echoing the flowing shape of the white modern Cycladic exterior, the curves and holes characterize the world “breathe” with the breeze wafting through the openings.

With so much "white", indoors and out, it is refreshing to see a splash of orange from the chairs

A trip to the beach and a delicious meal eaten while looking over the bay.

This image has a lot to say about what the experience of this villa is all about.

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