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Renovated Modern Apartment in Madrid, Spain

Axii House by ADOM StCreatudio - Madrid, Spain

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An Excellent Project for a Total Remodel

With wide open exterior walls on one side of the apartment and the commanding view that came with it, this project was an excellent candidate for a renovation.

Demolition is Never Fun or Easy

This image shows the extent to which the interior was demolished. Removing the ceiling and floors would have been difficult, especially working overhead.

3-D Rendering Of The Apartment

Communicating the new plan to the owners is never easy for the design professionals, but this rendered 3-D image allows the designer to clearly show the room locations and the furniture layout.

Expansive Kitchen /w Island Seating

This kitchen is large, well laid out and enjoys island seating. I am unable to understand what the opening of he back wall is, although it shows it pops up out of the base cabinet. A little mystery is never bad.

Expansive Kitchen /w Island Seating

Another view of the kitchen which shows open space and a well lit area.

The "Secret" Panel

Even with this image, I can't figure what it is - perhaps a type of window covering?

Built In Shelving

A well designed shelving unit with strip lighting. Nicely done!

A Cozy Nook

An interesting nook on the back side of the fireplace. The interesting detail for me is the peninsula fireplace and nook do not match up the the rendering/plan?? No problem. I like this version better. It's also easier to see the strip lighting running along the intersection of wall and ceiling. Nice - I like it. I do not know what the black/grey unit hanging on the wall is. My guess it's a heating unit but ???

Another Kitchen View

Here we look along the island /w cooktop towards to what I am guessing is a bedroom hall. The panelization of the wall behind the walking figure suggests built in cabinetry. Good choice. The white panel over the island is likely a ducted fan with built-in lighting.

Living Room View to Fireplace and Outside

I am impressed with how the kitchen is oriented to the view as well as the living room. It looks like the doors to seal the space up are patio sliders running along an outside curb. Interesting - it looks like the drop beams at the ceiling have been left raw and battered from the demolition.


Without a clearer image, it looks as though the bathroom is open to a bedroom. A T.V. is sitting on a vanity and what I'm still guessing is a heating unit is on the wall.


This space is well detailed with interesting elements: a round, back-lit mirror on the wall as well as another mirror on a pedestal. A soaker tub awaits and the shower looks like you can use it and brush your teeth at the same time. Note the sink is integrated into the countertop.


This area has a ying/yang quality to it. With it being wide open as it is, two people can easily navigate through the morning "getting ready" rush. Looking out over the city has a desirous aspect to it. BUT, I know the unit is not being lived in, and maybe life in Spain is more "open", but sitting on a toilet or showering is not something I wish to share with the world. I imagine some type of window coverings will be installed to overcome that.

Final Thoughts:

My opinion is the architects have done a great job of designing a home that has an open plan, both inside the space and to the outdoors. The layout is excellent and the material choices for finishes are harmonious and welcoming. Well Done!

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